Know what you’re up against, and how to make smarter decisions

It’s a sad truth that cybercrime is a massive business. In fact, if cybercrime were a country, it would have the third-largest economy in the world.

Join our FREE WEBINAR for a technology agnostic, no obligation, plain-language introduction to the most common forms of cyberattack, current statistics, and top tips on how to reduce your own vulnerability to risk, ransoms, and data breaches. And critically, discover why cloud isn’t as safe as you think it is.

We bring together a range of industry experts to discuss what they see as major concerns, misperceptions, and the proactive approach you can take to avoiding becoming ‘just another victim’.  And at the end of the webinar, there’s an open Q&A session with our panellists.

Presenters, expert panellists, and industry guest speakers include:
  • Heath Ragg – CISO, Fusion5
  • Mark Keegan – Managing Director, SEQA Information Security
  • Megha Kanth - Chief Technology Officer NetSuite, Fusion5
  • Adam van Vliet - Information Security Manager for Managed Services, Fusion5
  • Joel Mikkelsen - Sales Executive NetSuite, Fusion5
  • Agent X – a high-profile NZ security guest speaker (identity currently under wraps)
Be sure to join us. The truth may not always be pleasant but understanding what you’re up against is your first line of defence.

DATE: 25 November 2021  |  TIME: 12:00pm (AEDT)

Who needs to attend: Business Owners, CFOs, CEOs, Operations Managers, Financial Managers, Directors, Supply Chain Managers and CIOs.
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