Learn how manufacturers are navigating reinvention in the modern age

Exploring strategic shifts, technology adoption, and success stories in the manufacturing industry

DATE: Thursday, 5 October
TIME: 11:00 AM (AEDT) 
DURATION: 50 minutes 

No two days are the same when running any business, even at the best of times. But sometimes, companies will be forced to fundamentally reinvent what they're all about. 

Many manufacturers will move from one line of work to a new one, either organically or because they saw disruptive change ahead.  

A famous example is Intel betting everything and moving out of DRAM and into logic chips in the 1980s. Closer to home, there are many, many Australian auto suppliers that adapted to the end of local passenger car assembly last decade by developing new products and/or markets. 

Or you could consider adaptation stories among food and beverage companies, which regularly witness changing tastes and opportunities. A customer, moved into value-added products from a primary business in livestock/butchery. 

So why do manufacturers pivot? What are the signs it’s needed? And how can they use technology to navigate change successfully? 

Join this webinar hosted by @AUManufacturing and Fusion5 to learn more about the drivers behind such important decisions and how technology helped ensure success. 

Please register even if you can’t make the time or date as we will send out a recording to all webinar registrants within 7 days of the event. 
Key learnings: 

  • Clouds on the horizon: what were the signs that business as usual couldn’t continue. What should you be looking for and where? 
  • What you can build on: considering what you’ve developed and how it can be applied elsewhere. 
  • Change management: communicating why things need to be done differently, selling a vision to your team, and motivating them to come with you. 
  • Your questions answered by industry experts. 
  • Q&A 
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Peter Roberts
Editor and Co-founder
Dario Valenza
Michael Llewellyn
Industry Director Operations
Bernie Quinn
Engineering Director and Partner
Ross George
Managing Director
Craig Potter
Solution Architect
Dario Valenza – Founder, Carbonix

Driven by a fascination for fluid dynamics and lightweight structures, Dario built a career in building and designing racing yachts.

He soon discovered an aptitude for bringing together the key elements of a successful campaign to fund, staff, organise, and set the culture.

Stimulated by the innovation made possible by competition, Dario progressed into the America's Cup and spent a decade with a series of challengers.

Seeing a commercial opportunity for specific aeroelastic technology forged in the cauldron of America's Cup competition, Dario started Carbonix.

Carbonix applied performance-driven technology and culture to solving the real-world problem of making precise aerial data capture accessible at scale.

Over the years, Carbonix has evolved its own special technologies and processes to achieve its mission.
Bernie Quinn – Engineering Director and Partner, Premcar

Bernie Quinn is the Engineering Director and a Partner at Premcar, an Australian new-vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Epping, north of Melbourne.

For 27 years, Premcar has provided new-vehicle engineering, development, manufacturing and vehicle assembly services to both global carmakers and Australia’s official new-vehicle importers.

Premcar is the operation behind many well-known performance car brands and models. As well as being the company behind Ford Performance Vehicles, Premcar has developed and produced new-vehicle ranges for Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and many major brands both in Australia and overseas.

Premcar compliments its automotive engineering and manufacturing projects by providing specialised engineering services to the defence and aerospace industries.
Ross George  - Managing Director, Austeng

Ross commenced his career as a Project Engineer and established Austeng over 35 years ago. An important part of the business is “tech enabling “ which involves working with start up companies and assisting  them on their commercialisation journey. Ross brings novel engineering flair and innovative thought processes to these collaborations .

Ross has been inducted as a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australian in recognition of his engineering achievements and leadership in the profession and is a registered Chartered Engineer.
Austeng’s outstanding reputation and track record in the industry was recognised when it was inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame and was  recently recognised in the Top Ten of @AuManufacturing’s Australia’s 50 most innovative manufacturers list.
Craig Potter – Solution Architect, Fusion5

Craig Potter is based in Melbourne and has over 40 years’ experience delivering IT solutions to over 80 different organisations spanning a broad range of industries. He first started working with a large clothing manufacturer back in 1982 to fund his night-time studies and remembers watching with interest the implementation of robotics, integrated machinery and mobility, and seeing the impact innovation was making on the factory floor. He now works with a team of Architects at Fusion5 that continue to deliver innovation to organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand (with an ever-expanding global reach).

Fusion5 has over 650 employees providing solutions to a wide-ranging mix of Manufacturing organisations. Fusion5 does this by partnering with multiple software vendors and leverages its own technical prowess in integrating and developing solutions to provide solutions to cover the often unique challenges and complexities faced by Manufacturers.