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Security, Compliance and Identity Live Q&A

Understanding threats and providing visibility through security

Is your approach to security crossing fingers and hoping for the best? If so, this session is not to be missed!

The Security, Compliance, and Identity Introduction workshops running Thursday May 27th and Thursday June 10th will show you how simple it is to benchmark and then advance your security and compliance strategy, priorities, initiatives, and key influences. The following key areas are included.

Q&A Panelists from Fusion5 - Troy Gerber & Ummi Bates

Event 1 - Security & Compliance
Thursday May 27th  – 11:00am AEST

1. Security - Discover how to identify real-time threats and assess your security posture. Understand key objectives and priorities, learn how Microsoft technologies can help you sleep at night, and obtain a recommendation path to mitigate security concerns 

2. Compliance - Learn how to identify where dark data lives and understand the risks associated to that data. Learn about compliance management solutions that can help organisations simplify and automate the compliance process, making it more efficient and effective for assessing and monitoring IT risks.

Recording available below

Event 2 - Identity & Endpoint Management
Thursday June 10th – 11:00am AEST

3. Identity  - Start the journey towards a Zero Trust model which provides a framework for your integrated security appropriate to the current threat landscape. Learn where to begin so you can start securing your identities and devices to ensure all your workers and the devices they access are safe and secure.

 4. Endpoint Management - Learn how to build management policies that protect customers, company data, and devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure Active Directory. With this suite, you will gain insights about customers’ endpoints and their compliance with IT policies. Determine the best way to give users access to the apps they need on the device of their choosing.

The world is changing, no longer is it acceptable to act like an ostrich and keep your head in the sand. The good news is, there are some simple steps you can take today to make a measurable different to your security score for peace of mind. Come along and learn how.

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